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These toning shoes

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Well I have had a whole host of people over the last few months come to me about these new ‘toning’ shoes.

Personally I think it is a waste of money (my own opinion).

We have been created to use our body in as natrual state as possible, and using these artificial items are ruining our bodies!!

I run in shoes with no support or cushioning and my feet and legs have never been so good! If you have shin splints I am going to tell you to run barefoot for a month and see what happens! Not run off and spend $600 on getting orthodics.

I will post about this soon but, this just came out in the news today that should answer your question about the toning shoe:

Reebok Agrees To $25M Settlement In Refunds For ‘Toning Shoes’

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