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Is the Supermarket Making you Fat?

Friday, December 11th, 2009

I was at the supermarket last week getting some items for a thai beef salad, when an interesting thing happened…

 I went straight to the supermarket after training  clients at the gym. Well, as I was grabbing my items, a lady whom I recognised and she knows that I owns a fitness business here in Canberra, asked me for some help to choose some frozen pre prepared meals for her. You know those prepared frozen meals are usually highly processed, loaded with sodium and other chemicals your body just doesn’t need.

 What concerned me the most was what she said to me next:

 “I have tried everything to lose weight and decrease my body fat and have always failed”.

 Now I will say that this woman was quite overweight.

 It is not the first time I have had someone tell me they’ve “tried everything” to get in shape. The problem that they don’t realize is that they are barking up the wrong tree for results…so many people are trying the so called quick fixes and fads that are out there instead of just doing it the old fashioned way and doing a bit of hard work and taking the time to prepare meals and just leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

 Back to the woman in the store…

 I had a bit of time up my sleeve so I offered to help her out with the shopping list for day. We began with going through what was already in the trolley. The following list were some of the items she thought werethe best healthy options:

  • Slim fast shakes (not really that healthy…they’re loaded with high sugars, fructose syrup, hydrogenated oils, and a bunch of chemicals)
  • Fat Free Rice Cakes (ok…despite so many people believing these pieces of crap are healthy…they really are nothing but pure refined starch with zero fiber, which basically breaks down immediately into sugar in your body, spiking insulin and promoting fat storage…doesn’t sound so good anymore, huh)
  • Protein bars “Low or No Carboydrate” or some BS on it like that (I had a look at the ingredient list of these so called “healthy” protein bars and sure enough… enough sugar alcohols, fructose + many other useless chemicals to give you diarrhea for a week!)
  • Tinned fruit in syrup (Not the worst option…but, why not just eat fresh fruit which still contains the skins, fiber, active enzymes, etc, instead of resorting to processed, tinned fruit that’s been cooked and loaded with syrup)
  • Low fat Muffin Mix (ok, so these are loaded with artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, preservatives, and a chemical ingredients, say no more)

 This is the same thing that I see all the time.

 People are too easily mislead by what they see or hear, leading them to believe what they are buying is healthy or good for them. On face value many items have great sounding things like “fat free”, “low carb”, “reduced sugar”, “high protein”, etc.

 However, the TRUTH is on that little panel on the back! Yes, the nutrition info is where the real truth is at. However, most people don’t really fully understand the nutrition info or can’t be bothered looking cause they don’t want to know the truth, so they believe the advertising claims on the front of the package to guide them.


 Here is the problem most people are facing, the woman in the shops honestly thought she was doing great with her grocery shopping and buying all kinds of healthy stuff for her and her family.

 But to be honest, most of the products she was buying was highly processed and full of chemicals and refined ingredients. No wonder “nothing has worked” for her to get in shape and lose the body fat… She’s been mislead by all of the confusing marketing, labeling and conflicting nutrition info in the media.

 If you want to know more or would like advice and guidance with your nutrition and learn what it takes to eat  healthier and maximize, your metabolism, reduces cravings, and strips off that excess body fat, then hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help you out.

 Remember there is no rocket science to good, healthy eating. Always look to buy your food in as natural state as possible.

 Yours in Health & Fitness