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A Question of Balance

Monday, February 1st, 2010

A post about your balance in life, family, fitness, business 


At times, everyone’s life will be out of balance.

In order to realise our goals some sacrifice will be necessary. To me, balance is best explained as a centre point to which we keep returning from bouts of relaxation or pressure. It’s like the grey area from which we deliberately choose to step away or step back into.

When we play tennis we react to the ball best when we’re at centre court. Sometimes we throw ourselves at the net, sometimes we chase the ball to the side, but at all times we’re aware of how exposed we are and our need to get back to centre court – our balance point.

Perfect balance is a state of non-movement. Life’s too fluid and dynamic for this state to be maintained for long periods. If we want to get ahead in life, then in almost anything, it requires work, effort and a personal stretch.

The answer lies in knowing how to relax, and how to push when required. We also need to recognise the state we’re in at any given moment, and then make a conscious decision to maintain or alter that state. Is it time to relax or, go for it?

If you choose to push it then, support your decision by:

  1. Not missing an exercise workout. A workout will burn off excess stress and leave you calm and rational.
  2. Always eat breakfast. This sends a message to your body that all is OK and prevents the body from wanting to store bodyfat.
  3. Discuss with your family the period of time you’ll be out of balance and the reason you’ve made this choice.

If you choose to relax then, support this decision by:

  1. Leaving your briefcase at work – don’t take it home the night you intend to relax.
  2. Take your watch off …you’ll soon get out of time.
  3. Eat lunch away from work stimulants such as the computer screen.

Know the cost of deciding to go for it, or to back off. And, take responsibility for that decision.

¬†Balance is a destination never arrived at. Its knowing that its your choice to maintain or reject your current state that’s important.

Scott Willams

Succeed Personal Training, Canberra