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Are you Sweet Enough?

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

A blog by Scott Williams on sugar vs honey


Most of you already know my stance that artificial sweeteners are pretty much one of the most evil things you can put in your body.

I have been offering quite a bit of nutritional guidance recently and people  seem to be confused about what to use to sweeten their coffee and other food and drink.

The less of any sweetener you can use, the better… consider how much work has gone into making a little tablet to make something sweet… it has been very heavily processed. If you can slowly over time adjust your taste buds to enjoy the natural taste of foods and drink without the need for heavily sweetening them, you’ll see many benefits for your body.

However, this leaves the question… If I really want to at least use a little sweetener, what should I use?

The easy answer is that a natural honey source is better for you than refined sugar. Keep in mind that they are both calorie dense and eating large amounts of honey will still make you deposit body fat, but at least it is natural.

However, refined sugar is devoid of nutrition and using it actually makes your body use up stored nutrients to process it.

Honey on the other hand has many beneficial nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants… raw honey is best (find a bee keeper in your area) or you can find raw honey at certain health food stores. Stuff from Woolies or Coles has generally been processed and typical honey from these stores, processing destroys most of the enzymes and antioxidants that give the benefits.  I won’t use any honey other than raw honey.

In fact, I don’t use refined sugar for anything at all. It’s either raw honey, pure maple syrup (not fake corn syrup), or stevia for all of my sweetening needs.  Those are better choices than processed sugar or artificial sweeteners.

You can find Stevia located in the Sweetner section of your local supermarket. It is a complete natural product.

Check out this post I did with some scary facts on suger:

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